Five Steps

Christies Emporium aims to deliver the best outcome for your office furniture investment we do this by assisting you with our five-step process.

Step 1 Consultation

Our experienced staff meet with you and discuss your needs, either on site or at our showroom.  We seek to identify exactly what your preferences and measurements are, so we have a clear picture of your exact requirements.

Step 2 Design

Using a wide range of quality suppliers at our disposal, we can supply custom made furniture if required providing you with a variety of colours and sizes to ensure you have work spaces that work.  Our goal is to provide you with the best solution at a competitive price.

Step 3 Products

We source all our products from quality suppliers and pride ourselves on quality goods.
All new Christie’s Emporium products are manufactured and tested and are backed by varied warranties depending on the supplier.

Step 4 Delivery


Our prime objective is to deliver your project/purchase in a timely and hassle free period.  We have qualified staff that are committed to seeing your project/purchase through from start to finish, with our delivery staff then able to fit your purchase into that perfect workspace.

Step 5 After Sales

After the first four steps are completed. There is one final step to go and that is our after sales service.   We provide training on how to use your new furniture, making sure that you are satisfied with the product.  We also provide assistance with any repairs, maintenance and warranty issues, making sure they are dealt with in a timely manner. Christie’s Emporium prides itself on its after sales service.